2005 Brenderup Baron TC 2 Horse trailer with InstaTack DR

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US$ 3400

Make: Brenderup
Model: Baron TC
Stock: TK59347

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2005 Brenderup Baron TC 2 Horse trailer with InstaTack DR, This trailer received a new floor in 2016 and new tires were mounted at that time. The new floor consists of pressure-treated wood planks and they're covered by Brenderup's standard rubber floor mats. The Baron series features long-lasting Solid Phenolic Core (SPC) walls and fiberglass roof. The chassis is of rugged corrosion-protected galvanized steel. Those of you familiar with Brenderup trailers know they are designed to be towed safely by smaller-than-typical tow vehicles. Here in the States, they're often towed by small to mid-sized 6-cylinder SUVs and smaller trucks. In Europe, a fair number of owners use a car as the tow vehicle. How is this possible? Two main factors � lighter tongue weight to keep the tow vehicle level for more predictable handling and aerodynamic shape to reduce the tow vehicle's power requirement. A Baron is designed so that the loaded tongue weight does not exceed 250 lbs. For comparison, a typical domestically-produced 2H bumper pull has a loaded tongue weight of about 500-600 lbs. Add a dressing room and the tongue weight often goes up to 600-700 lbs. Brenderup started producing horse trailers in the early 1950s, so their light-tongue-weight designs are well proven on roads all over the world. The Baron TC is one of Brenderup's most popular models. As mentioned above, it's designed so that it may be towed safely by a smaller vehicle, but it's sized to accommodate two horses to 18 hands. It has features to accommodate smaller horses as well. The chest and butt bars offer three height adjustments. In addition, as you lower a butt bar, it also shortens the stall for the smaller horse. The butt bars have fast-action latches to get you out of the kick zone quickly, yet they fit tightly to eliminate unpleasant rattling and clanking. This Baron is equipped with quite a few options and accessories, including a foal panel at the front of the stalls and a head divider (which is shown on the floor in front of the foal panel). These two accessories are easily installed or removed. Other factory options on this trailer include removable feeders (a.k.a. "manger bags"), butt bar pads and aluminum alloy wheels. One of the owner-added accessories is a 12-inch battery-powered fan which may be placed in the horse area or in the dressing room. The bright and inviting horse area includes a 5-way window near each horse's head (that is, each window can be opened to 5 different positions for ventilation) and a groom door on each side. Another horse- and handler-friendly feature is the 5' tall ramp (compare to the 4' ramp on many trailers), offering a comfortable incline for loading and unloading. The ramp lift effort is very reasonable, thanks to the assist of a pair of gas springs. There's a storm panel above the ramp and you may run with the panel up or down. When trailering horses, most folks run with the panel down for added light and ventilation. The "TC" in "Baron TC" indicates that this trailer is equipped with Brenderup's clever InstaTack Tack Compartment that converts to a dressing room. The InstaTack lets you have a dressing room in a trailer that's about the length of a standard 2H bumper pull. During travel, leave the tack compartment lid down, allowing light to stream in through the panoramic front window. At your destination, flip up the lid and the tack compartment becomes a compact dressing room. The dressing room comes with two saddle racks, bridle hooks and a blanket bar. This particular trailer has the upgrade to the wider Saddle Boss saddle racks. There's a door on each side of the InstaTack for convenient access. Another noteworthy owner-added feature is several storage bins on a removable grid system on the rear wall of the dressing room. Thanks to the grid system, the bins may be quickly and easily repositioned.

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