2004 Kiefer Built Eagle XLA 2 horse trailer

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US$ 2900

Make: Kiefer
Model: Eagle XLA
Stock: TK59395

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2004 2H Kiefer Built Eagle XLA For Sale. 2 Horse slant load with rear tack and dressing room, Tires and spare, Brake and electric work done, Recently cleaned and acid washed, HORSE AREA Approximate interior measurements: 7' tall, 6'4" straight width, 6'8" along the back wall, 10'10" along front wall, 7'11" along slant wall, Rubber mats on floor, Kick and paw mats on front and back walls, Padded dividers, no rips or tears in any of the padding!, Escape door in first stall, Drop-down windows at horses' heads, Drop-down bars at horses' heads, Sliding bus windows with fixed bars at horses' rear and back doors, Two roof vents in horse compartments, Lights in rear tack and at front left corner of horse compartment. Rear tack light works; front light does not but may just need a bulb replaced since other lights all work., Removable rear tack, Bridle hooks on door of rear tack, Saddle rack can be move to rear tack DRESSING ROOM, Screen door, Large roof vent, Blanket bar, Saddle rack (two saddles), Four bridle hooks, Working light, Carpeted This is a fantastic little trailer that hauls and maneuvers well.

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